Shroud and Dr DisRespect Official PUBG Skins Confirmed After Leaks by Data Miners

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Dr DisRespect, best known for streaming battle royale game PUBG, look like they are getting their wish as files discover new personalized official weapon skins.

As two of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Shroud and Dr DisRespect attract tens of thousands of viewers every time they go live with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds most often their game of choice.

PUBG rocketed to popularity in 2017, not just to play, but also to spectate, often being the number one viewed game on Twitch at any given time (until the usurper Fortnite Battle Royale took its spot in early 2018).

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Dr DisRespect and Shroud are still avid PUBG players – despite its main competitor Fortnite undoubtedly the more popular game now in the battle royale genre – and have been making hints towards in-game skins specially for them over recent days.

The Doc’s now infamous tweet where he demanded PUBG add a skin for him or he would never play again gained a lot of attention since, and it looks like the game’s developers have wasted no time in meeting his demands.

Or rather, all of this was planned to build some hype around the new skins dropping, but either way, it worked out fine in the end.

*Update – the weapon skins have now officially been confirmed by Dr DisRespect himself.

Data-miners via website SkinTracker have uncovered and released images of four new weapon skins – two for Dr DisRespect and two for Shroud – featuring the logo’s of the popular streamers.


The skins were reportedly added as part of the test server update which is set to go live on June 1st.

There will also be new Gold Plated and Silver Plated skins, but the Dr DisRespect and Shroud skins will undoubtedly spark the most interest.

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Is Better for You?

Fortnite and PUBG are two of the hottest games in the world, but which battle royale experience is best?

In many ways, it can be hard to distinguish what makes Fortnite and PUBG unique experiences. Both are battle royale titles in which 100 players duke it out on a big map until there’s only one survivor still standing. Both games also offer the option to play solo or as part of a squad. You can find special modes in each game, they’re incredibly popular among streamers, and they both so happen to be among the most successful games in recent memory.

For all of their similarities, though,PUBG and Fortnite are actually quite different. In fact, for as much as people like to joke about a future where every game features a battle royale mode — just look at the new Call of Duty game — these two titles prove that there’s enough room in the genre for a variety of experiences and innovations.

But you’re not here for that. What you want to know is whether or not you should be playing Fortnite or PUBG. That’s a tough question that isn’t made any easier by the quality of both games. There’s a reason that millions of people have devoted most of their playtime to one of these titles.

At the end of the day, though, there must be a recommendation. With that in mind, here is what you need to know about PUBG and Fortnite to determine which game is the one for you.



Fortnite is a fast and furious battle royale title that is perhaps best described as an evolution of the arena shooter genre. Speed is arguably the most important skill a Fortnite player can have. Players have to be able to quickly craft stairs and walls, switch between weapons, and think fast enough to manage it all. Even picking up items requires you to quickly manage what you do and do not need. Standing still is sometimes an option, but sniping isn’t quite as effective as a long-term strategy. Your health is also important, but you can recover it fast enough if you’re not absolutely surrounded.


PUBG is a battle royale game by way of the military shooter genre. When you drop into one of the game’s maps, you’ll need to hurry and find the best items available. That said, unless you drop into a highly-populated area, you’re actually encouraged to take your time and analyze the situation. Deliberate tactics are what rule the day. That includes the ability to recognize the best position on the map and move towards it in anticipation of where the play area will be. Of course, if you do jump into a high-traffic area, be prepared to put your shooting skills to the test.

Platforms and Price


Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Mac operating systems. The game runs very well on all devices – even iOS – and offers crossplay between nearly every combination of devices besides the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The game is even coming to Android sometime in the summer of 2018. The game is free-to-play across all platforms but does offer quite a few opportunities for in-game purchases. Generally speaking, character skins are more of a culture in Fortnite than they are in PUBG. That means you might want to grind for them or try to buy them.


PUBG is currently only available for PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. While it is possible to play the game on Mac computers, there is no official way to do so at this time. There’s been no indication that the game will come to PlayStation 4 in the near future, either. At present, the preferred way to play PUBG is on PC. The game’s Xbox One version suffers from technical issues, control problems, and a comparative lack of updates. While the title is playable on Android and iOS, neither version offers the full experience. PUBG is free-to-play on mobile devices but costs $29.99 on PC and Xbox One.

PUBG’s 50-player deathmatch mode is now live

In trying to combat Fortnite‘s rising popularity, PUBG Corp has been adding limited time gamemodes to PUBG. A few weeks ago, a 50-player deathmatch mode called “Desert Knights” went live, but was quickly removed. The mode had been causing server issues for every other aspect of the game, so it was cut to fix those. It is now back for the weekend and should be already available if you’ve updated your game.

The mode, itself, takes place on Miramar (the desert map) and features a much smaller blue circle that never changes. 10 teams of five people will drop onto the map and murder each other until one team scores 200 points. Kills grant three points and knockouts grant one, though killing your own teammates will deduct five from your total. Revives are dramatically shorter, so you won’t need to sit around waiting to get back into the action.

This sounds similar to the “War” mode that was added a few months back. That saw 30 players on 10-man teams doing much the same thing as “Desert Knights.” I did get to try it and I am not a fan of having to drop from the plane after every death. That being said, I do believe PUBG could facilitate other game modes if they were tweaked better.

In any case, you’ll have until the end of the weekend to try out this 50-player madness.

PUBG’s 50-player deathmatch mode is back after Bluehole fixes server troubles [PC Gamer]

The Allure of PUBG and Why Winning Feels so Satisfying

PUBG is without any doubt the biggest multiplayer game right now, rivalling the likes of DOTA 2, World of Warcraft and CS:GO. After all, the game feels fresh and new!

However, what aspect of the game makes it so appealing to gamers and non-gamers? What is so special about this game that it has managed to spawn a multitude of knock-off games within such a short period? Why are people so desperate to win that it causes them to use a pubg esp as well?

The Enticement of Survival

One of the reasons why this game has been able to appeal to so many is because it provides the players, the thrill for a true hunt. By hunt, we do not refer to animals, rather other players amidst all the chaos. Successfully surviving that chaos is what makes this game so alluring and exciting. learn more about PUBG hacks!

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” may just be a catchphrase. However, this defines the entire effort you have put for a period of 20-30 minutes to survive the hurly-burly of 99 other players. That is what makes people want to come back for more. Sometimes, this also compels people into using pubg aim bot.

Why Is It So Difficult?

You may be wondering why winning a round in this game in the first place is such a big deal. However, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Those who do not have that kind of patience are the ones who choose to use a pubg esp for themselves.

Some of the factors include:

  • The sheer number of players (a total of 100) is detriment enough to a single player winning the game easily. After all, each of the other 99 players will be trying to do the same thing just like you.
  • Random Bombings are also an exciting part of this game. Periodically, some areas of the map are bombed (marked by the red circle in game). This is to create tension and add more dangers for the players to survive.
  • The safe zone itself is a danger to players considering you lose health if you are out of it. The journey to continually keep yourself inside this circle is what gets so many people killed.
  • Engagements with other players are natural when you are trying to loot the farm. Queuing up against someone with better items will usually get you killed.
  • The map size also gets small with time. The safe zone as mentioned before keeps shrinking. This causes more players to exist within a smaller radius.

The Thrill of Success

All of the factors mentioned above should be self-explanatory as to why winning is so difficult. However, if you are able to pull it off, the rush of adrenaline and the sense of satisfaction is not like anything you have ever experienced before.

A pubg esp can make life a lot easier for you. It basically grants you extra abilities (basically, cheats) to get an advantage over other players. If you find yourself in a rut and unable to win a game, this will help you get the job done efficiently.